redpoll (plural redpolls)

  1. Any of various finches in the genus Carduelis, which have characteristic red markings on their heads.

7 letters in word "redpoll": D E L L O P R.

Anagrams of redpoll:

Words found within redpoll:

de del dell do doe doer dol dole doll dop dope doper dor dore dorp drole droll drop ed el eld ell eorl er led lep lerp lo lode lop lope loped loper lor lord lore lorel od ode oe old olde older ole olpe op ope oped or ord ore orle pe ped pedro pell per pled plod po pod pol polder pole poled poler poll polled poller pore pored pre pro prod prole proled proll re red redo rep repo repoll rod rode roe roed role roll rolled rope roped